The Johann Berthelsen Conservancy, LLC, was established for the benefit of the public and the artistic community through the development of programs and activities that celebrate the life and work of the American Impressionist painter, Johann Berthelsen.

These include, but are not limited to, the following:

• To bring awareness of and appreciation for his extraordinary talent to an ever wider audience.
• To promote exhibits of his artwork through museums and other venues.
• To assemble a comprehensive catalogue of his artworks and where possible their locations.
• To provide a source of accurate definitive biographical information on Johann Berthelsen and his contemporaries in the music and art world.
• To provide a source of information regarding Berthelsen artwork currently for sale.
• To establish an authentication service for museums, galleries, auction houses and collectors.
• To produce and market reproductions of his work in various media and formats so as to make it available to the general public and to provide an income stream to support the work of the Conservancy. It is our belief that in fulfilling our stated goals The Johann Berthelsen Conservancy, LLC, will be in consonance with the true purpose of all great art: to bring beauty, comfort and inspiration to an ever widening public and to bequeath the unique perspective of the artist in his time to future generations.